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Rental conditions

Basic rental conditions of the services


Age requirements for renter:

- The minimum age from 21;
- The driving experience from 2 years.

Required documents in original:

- Passport;
- A driving license, which is valid in the territory of Ukraine;
- The identification code (for citizens of Ukraine).

Ways of payment:

- Cash;
- Cashless payments;
- Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro).

Territory and mileage limit:

- Use of the car is possible on the whole territory of Ukraine (except for the Lugansk and Donetsk regions and the Crimea as well as a 30-kilometer zone from these areas);
- Mileage per day is limited to 350 km. (the exceeded mileage should be paid in addition).

Also it is possible to familiarize with typical conditions of hire of cars

Additional conditions:

  • The obligatory rental condition is the deposit (the returnable sum of money to cover possible damage) and full payment for the entire agreed period of rent;
  • Do not use the vehicle in sport competitions, to tow any other vehicle or moving trailer, as a taxi, as well as for driving lessons;
  • Minimum rental period is two day (48 hours). Rental time starts from the moment renter receives a car and counts on the 24-hour basis. You can return a car with a delay no more than 2 hours. If car returns later, one more rental day must be paid;
  • While driving a rented vehicle you have to follow the traffic rules in order to ensure maximum safety.
  • Pick up and return of the car at the office of the company Kiev, boulevard Druzhby Narodov, 6 during working hours (from 9:00 to 18:00 every day, except public holidays) - is free of charge. Pick up and return of the car in another place, including airports and train stations as well as non-working time should be paid in addition to the agreed tariff;
  • Additional services: use of child car seats, GPS-navigator and unlimited WI-FI internet should be paid in addition to the agreed tariff;
  • All vehicles are insured .A renter must immediately inform the company (the telephone numbers listed in contacts) in case of accidents, damage of the vehicle, theft, etc .;
  • scheduled repair and maintenance of cars is carried out at the expense of the lessor as the availability and change of tyres for the season

  • The renter is responsible for the interior and equipment of the vehicle during rental period;
  • The company guarantees a rental car only to pre-booked time. Cases of extension of the rental period during the current trip are considered individually;
  • The company is not responsible for things left in the rented car. All found items are kept in the main office for 2 days and then disposed of;
  • The transfer of a vehicle to other people (subrent) is strictly prohibited. In case of such action the company reserves the right to cancel the contract beforehand and return the car without returning any payment and deposit. Also in case of any damage the renter is fully responsible.
  • The car returns clean and with a full tank of fuel.
    When returning the car in a dirty and full tank of fuel, the renter will be refunded only after cleaning, refueling and vehicle inspection.
  • The decision to rent a car is taken by the manager directly after personal contact with the client and presentation of the original documents!

     A driver`s license of any state operates on the territory of Ukraine, if there is a category "B" on the driver`s license and it is duplicated by the Latin alphabet. The driver`s license is valid for 3 months from the moment of crossing the border.

     Russian, European rights, Israeli rights are valid in Ukraine, they fully comply with all standards and norms.

     Do not comply with the UN Convention on the Law of South and North America, Asian rights - they do not have a category "B", there are only classes. For these citizens, it is necessary to have, in addition to national, international rights - a book in several languages ​​with marked categories. The arguments that you are on such rights issued a car in Europe or somewhere else is not accepted.

In Spain, you can get a car even on the Party membership card of the USSR, but this does not mean that he became a war certificate. There is the UN Convention 1968 "On Road Traffic," which has been ratified by Ukraine and must be implemented. Therefore, driving a car with US rights is equal to driving without rights, although many do not know this, but ignorance, as is known, does not absolve from responsibility.

     Citizen Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Argentina, Bangladesh, Belize, Benin, Botswana, the Vatican, Haiti, Gambia, Guatemala, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Grenada, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, Western Samoa, India, Ireland, Iceland, Jordan, Jordan, Cambodia, Canada,Cyprus, China, Congo, Lao People`s Democratic Republic, Lesotho, Lebanon, Malawi, Malaysia, Mali, Malta, Mauritania, New Zealand, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Rwanda, Saint Lucia, Swaziland, Saint Kitts and Nevis - Vincent and Grenadines, Singapore, Syria, USA, Sierra Leone, Taiwan, Tanzania, Togo, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Uganda, Fiji, French Polynesia, Jamaica, Japan must have an international driving license. The international driving license and the transfer are valid only with a national driving license.


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