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Typical conditions for the rental of Megarent cars

The tenant is not allowed to use the car in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine - the land territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, the territory of the ATU (Lugansk and Donetsk regions), and a 30 km zone in the area of ​​the above-mentioned territories.

The average daily mileage is included in the rental price - 350 km / day. The reraise is paid according to the tariff specified in the vehicle acceptance certificate.


The car is transferred to the rental in pure form. In the event of a return of the car in a dirty condition (which will prevent the car from inspecting for damage), the Lessor has the right to leave a deposit until the car is brought to a clean view, which will provide an opportunity to inspect and complete the return act. At the same time, the employer pays a car wash according to the tariff specified in the vehicle acceptance / transfer certificate. It is not recommended to use portal and tunnel washers. The tenant is responsible for deciding the car on such washes.

The amount of fuel in the tank when returning should be the same as the amount when you receive a car for hire. If, on return, the car`s fuel level is lower than when the car is received, the employer pays the difference according to the tariff specified in the vehicle acceptance certificate. (Gas is not taken into account). The following filling stations are recommended: WOG, SHELL, Socar, OKCO, UPG).


In case the Lessee detains the return of the rental object (without agreed reasons) within the time specified by the current Contract for more than 2 hours (this period of time is given to the client for car washing and refueling to the level specified in the acceptance certificate), the next day is fully taken into account and paid Tenant in accordance with the tariff specified in the act of acceptance and transfer of the car.

The tenant is not entitled to transfer the car to sublease, transfer the car to third parties without the Lessor`s written consent.


The tenant undertakes to strictly observe the rules of the road traffic of Ukraine, as well as the envisaged speed regime.

Smoking in cars is prohibited. When a salon is smoked or the carpets are smeared, the tenant pays a fine according to the tariff indicated in the act of acceptance-transfer of the car.


The tenant is obliged to use the subject of hire for the intended purpose, not to be used in sports competitions as a crime weapon, for towing any other cars or for traveling with a trailer, for training, or as a taxi (use the car to work and fulfill orders from mobile applications, information dispatching services, transportation services, as well as for bringing people for money (Uber, Yandex taxi, Red taxi, Elite taxi, BlaBlaCar and others)).

In the event of an accident, theft and / or illegal actions of third parties against the car, the Tenant must immediately (within 1 (one) hour) inform the Landlord about the 24-hour phone. (+380985540000)


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