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Risks for rental cars

risks for rental cars

The risks when renting cars: what you need to be ready ?

And the long-term and short-term car rental in Kiev with all the sought-after every year. We will not argue long about the reasons for the popularity of this service – those who at least once took to rent a car in Ukraine or abroad, they are so clear. Much more interesting is another: most of the drivers of a rented car if reading is a contract that, at best, « through the line » .

And all would do, but in the event of unusual situations -   on the road and they can happen a great variety!   - raises a number of questions, the answers to which can not everyone. However, if we approach this matter with the mind, to know in advance about all the possible risks and actions to take if they occur, unpleasant consequences can be avoided. Let`s find out what « pitfalls » You can expect to   when renting a car .

What can happen to the rented vehicle and who is responsible in such situations?

Even if you – trim excess driver, it does not mean that you are immune from trouble on the road. In fact, with a rented car it can happen that you want, for example: 


  •   theft (this is possible, especially if you take a car, at the request of a third party);
  •   damaged in case of participation in an accident;
  •   illegal actions of third parties (someone damaged the car);
  •   exceeding the daily average odometer, etc. .

    Every car in our fleet is insured (MTPL, CASCO), and we are ready to guarantee its condition and compliance with the stated in the contract at the time of issuance of the characteristics

    the driver`s responsibility size is limited to the size of the collateral – it is withdrawn from it the amount required to repair or troubleshooting.   Therefore, if a leased vehicle that ever happened (.. An accident, theft, etc.), it is sufficient for 2 hours to notify the incident to the representatives of car rental Megarent and call representatives   National police .

    Agree, it is much easier than to solve all questions and communicate with the insurance company .

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