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Rent a car, how to rent a car and not be disappointed?

rent a car, how to rent a car and not be disappointed?

   All of us can face the situation when we, our relatives, acquaintances or partners may need a car rental service. Whether it`s a breakdown of your own car, the expectation of a new car from the cabin or simply the need for «wheels» for a certain period of time. So what do you need to know about the car rental service?

 Rent a car in Ukraine

   Rent a car in Ukraine has its own characteristics as in any other country in the world, namely its legislation, the not adapted banking system and the increased crime situation in the country. What does this entail? The answer is simple:

- more red tape with documents (their verification), compliance with the requirements for the lessee (minimum age, driving experience, client`s solvency);

- inconvenience in the calculation of the card (commissions, card issuers, periods of money blocking «frieze»);

- conditions of lease (adherence to traffic rules, safety of the car), insurance (availability of franchises, non-coverage of risks - glass, tires, disks, minor damage);

- The territory of use is limited (in connection with the anti-terrorist operation);

- advice on the operation of cars (filling stations, speed limits, car washing).

Search for a rental company

   In the modern world, this happens mainly through the Internet & ndash; search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.). How to choose the right car rental? The answer is simple and consists of a number of simple actions:

- we enter the required request, for example, «car rental», «car hire» or others in one of the search engines and get results, with them we choose the entire 1st page incl. advertisements, we make a quick survey of the opened and choose less-worthy and convenient sites, preferably those that are in advertising and in the usual issuance;

- further acquaintance with sites and the company that provides car rental services, it is desirable that it was already an experienced company (5-10 years work experience, no less), we study their terms of car rent, looking for reviews about the company on the Internet (Google search, Google maps, Google plus, sites for feedback, social networks (Facebook, Instagram, VK, Linkedin, Twitter and others) if this is all right, go further.

Choosing a car

   Having chosen several or one suitable car rental company:

- we select a car for your dates, we are interested in its condition (year of manufacture, mileage, technical condition, tires for the season and more recently,  rental  of foreign cars has increased, when you lease them you risk not seeing your bail, the more police officers can just drop you off the car);
- please send live photos, not pictures from the site;
- we clarify all the nuances and conditions of the lease, not always everything is written on the company`s website;
- agree on the price and pledge for the car, choose the best option for you and the right company, ask for confirmation – written with all the miscalculations and details on (@mail, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.);
- Everything, the car is booked!

Receiving a car

   Do not forget to contact the rental for a day, two before the rental to confirm the reservation (there are force majeure situations for everyone, but it`s better to find out about it earlier and decide everything before getting the car):

- when getting a car, we get acquainted with the contract and the lease (if you did not request it earlier or it is not on the site), we specify details and nuances;

- We sign the contract, calculate, get documents for the car and keys, we go to receive the car;

- We carefully inspect it, both externally and internally (the car should be clean), fix all the comments and make them together with the manager in the act of receiving and passing the car, we make photo fixation of the general and detailed damage to the car, interior, rubber with discs , spare parts, availability of technical assistance kit, fire extinguisher, emergency stop sign, first aid kit, reflective vest;

- We sign the act of accepting the car and begin our lease!

We use a rented car

   We get pleasure and, most importantly, remember:

- We comply with the PDR and all conditions agreed and signed with the company;

- if there are questions or comments, we immediately dial the hotline of the rental company and get advice.

Return of the car from the rental

   Here everything is simple:

- the car should be clean for its inspection and preferably with a full tank, since the difference from you will be deducted often, at double and more tariffs;

- if the car will not be possible to inspect, the deposit will be returned only after the car has been received (that is, after it has been cleaned and inspected) so we are preparing to hand over the car in advance. For this, most companies have extra time (for road, car wash, refueling);

- if there were no incidents with the car (damage to the body, interior, tires and disks) and you pass it clean with a full tank, the deposit will be returned to you in full immediately;

- if there is any suspicion that you or someone damaged the car during your lease, check the photo and the act of receiving the transfer, maybe it was up to you (your photos will come in handy when you receive the car)

- If all the same, when your lease has suffered this damage, we stipulate the amount of compensation, usually these amounts are in the act of receiving the transfer, we try to agree on a price, they are usually overstated because of a simple car and its depreciation, but bargaining is appropriate if it is let`s say that the car is «not the first freshness » if it`s new or without damage, then you`ll have to pay with all severity (((

   A careful and humane attitude to one`s own and other people`s property, that`s the guarantee of a successful car rental, as well as a guarantee of the return of your pledge back! To all successful car renting and as the saying goes: «neither a nail, nor a rod» 

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