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Prepare the car for the summer!

prepare the car for the summer!

Well, over the saddest time of the year - winter and there was at least "interesting" - spring.

The arrival of spring warmth and good weather - is not only a season of outdoor activities and country visits, on a personal or rental car in Kiev company MEGARENT, but also a signal to the passage of non-elective technical inspection (MOT).

Operation of any car in the winter does not pass without leaving a trace; and should hold an extraordinary TO, although you can, and are confident that the car took place not so long ago planned, and run a stock enough for comfortable operation before the cherished 10 (15) thousand. km.

We, on the basis of experience, have compiled a list of recommended papers, in our view, to be carried out after the winter. So, let`s begin!

Replacement of winter tires to summer.

Replacement of winter tires to summer.

I would like to start by saying that a specific date for the replacement of winter tires to summer there. But tacit condition "pereobuvki" there is an increase in ambient temperature up to 7 degrees above zero. With increasing temperature, due to poor adhesion to asphalt winter tires, the vehicle braking distance is increased by 15 - 20%.

Giving advice on the choice of tires is very difficult due to the presence of numerous individual factors. Easier and may best apply to the pro shop, where consultants will help you choose exactly the option that meets your needs and most suitable car.

Capital sink.

Capital sink

It`s no secret that during the winter the entire body of the car is accumulated plenty of mud containing active agents that handles the road. With increasing temperatures, they are beginning to "devour" the car body. The most "dangerous" areas - a the wheel arches, underbody and engine sump.

Therefore, we recommend that after the winter, be sure to wash the car underbody, wheel arches and engine. The main thing after washing do not forget to give wiring to dry, and only then start the car.

After washing is also recommended to treat all plastic and leather inserts silicone grease, protect against drying.

Check fluid levels.

 Check fluid levels

Every driver knows that in the morning, at least once a week, it is advisable to inspect fluid levels in your car. Many may say that the car is worth a lot of different sensors that signal the low level of a liquid, but you need to understand - any sensor can be wrong. And the result of failure of one of the sensors may be, as a problem with the engine, and more dangerous problem with the braking system, which may lead to a denial of the right time.

If there is an insufficient level of desirable (and in some situations and required), top up the same liquid, which was filled earlier (the same brand, color and with the same characteristics).

Seasonal change the cabin filter


Seasonal change the cabin filter

Any driver knows that air quality inside the vehicle meets the filter compartment. In the period from autumn to spring it passes not much time, but all that gets in the cabin filter in the fall, "kept" throughout the winter and spring of "bearing fruit". As a result, all of the bacteria that have accumulated on the filter surface, the air flow fall into the interior of the vehicle. The development of bacteria may have a negative impact on health and well-being of man and lead to the development of bronchopulmonary diseases. Especially it is worth paying attention to it those prone to various allergic reactions.

The most common are two kinds of cabin filters: anti-dust and coal. Delaying only large dust particles such as lint, dust and pollen. Many believe that the carbon filter is made with activated carbon particles. But, unfortunately, they are mistaken, because the well-known world manufacturers use solely carbon particles from coconut charcoal. Scientists have proved that it is coconut coal has the highest rate of absorption of the particles from the air. Therefore, the carbon filter absorbs not only large particles, but do not let harmful substances and odors.

The car rental fleet Megarent used mainly carbon cabin filter.

Well, the main argument for the timely replacement of the cabin filter can become a safety driving. Since the untimely replacement can lead to driver fatigue (due to lack of pure oxygen) and the emergency hazard due to frequent misting inside the car. All of these factors may result in an accident.

Brake system audit.

Brake system audit.

Good brakes - is the key to the safety of all road users. After a winter one of the most vital tests is to assess the condition of the brake system.

Any tire receives considerable wear at low temperatures. Therefore, you should pay careful attention to the condition of brake hoses. If they are cracking, then they must be replaced immediately. If there are no comments (scratches, bumps in the brake pedal) while externally evaluate the state of brake shoes/

Running gear diagnostics

Running gear diagnostics

In our time, and we are not afraid of this word, in our country, after the winter you need to pay attention to the importance of the diagnosis of the chassis. Because it was she who takes care of all the defects of the pavement.

Similarly, the brake hoses need to pay attention to all the "gum" chassis of the car. Since after the winter frost and interaction with salt and reagents, many of the rubber suspension (bushings, dust caps, bumpers, bushings, stabilizer, gaskets, etc.) may simply be cracked, and their timely replacement can prevent further problems. Also check the operation of the shock absorbers and the state of wheel bearings.

Check and adjust if necessary alignments after replacing winter to summer tires and check the condition of wheels, thus it is necessary, or at higher speeds will be beating in the steering wheel and the vehicle body, and the possible withdrawal of the car to the side

Diagnosis of air conditioners

Diagnosis of air conditioners

Winter is over. Ahead only lovely warm sunny days. Rising temperatures we`ve been waiting a long time and now it`s time to look for options to shelter from the heat.

For drivers whose cars have air-conditioning (climate control) - this is not no difficulty. But, most importantly, that it was he did not fail at the crucial moment. Therefore, after the winter is to hold its prevention and to check the presence of Freon system and top up if necessary. Only then you can be sure that in the 40 degree weather will cool the cabin to travel by car.

And, as a subtotal of all the foregoing, it is clear that properly prepare the car for the summer is not too difficult. You will spend one - two days for prevention, but in the end will save money on repairs and will be sure that your "swallow" will serve you a lot of time.

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