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Car rental without a driver - the best option for a test drive before buying

Some drivers want to test it before buying a car. For this there is the concept of a test drive. This is a procedure where the buyer can test the car before purchase.

In order not to rush from one car model to another, you need to do a preliminary study of your preferences. You need to understand: what class of car, what type of body, what technical specifications and brands you like.

Car rental is the most suitable way to test drive before buying a car. This is the only way to get the most objective result. After all, the acquisition of a car is a serious matter. Do you think you have a chance of a mistake?

To conduct this test, you can rent or book a car by choosing it from our fleet from economy to premium, as well as any SUV. For more detailed information, take the opportunity to contact us in any way convenient for you or book a car online.

Also conditions for car rental:

1. It is allowed to conduct a test drive for drivers over 21 years old.

2. Driving experience of at least two years.

3. Passport and driver’s license, as well as an identification code (for citizens of Ukraine).

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