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What to do if involved in an accident?

what to do if involved in an accident?

What to do if involved in an accident on a rented machine:. The correct procedure when an accident on the road

Whenever a traffic accident – No matter your own car or a rented – there are nerves, haste and confusion, especially if this happened the first time.   At the head of the drivers certainly appears a thousand questions « What should I do? Who to Call in a similar situation? Who will pay for the damage? ». And the main thing – take yourself in hand and remember that there are clear guidelines governing such situations.

So let`s simulate a situation. Our car hire in Kiev provided you with a vehicle for short or long term. You   have decided to do without the driver sat behind the wheel and … become a party, or even the originator of emergency incidents on the road. How to be in order to avoid problems with the rental company and other negative consequences?

What can and should be done before you got behind the wheel of a rented car?

From the risk of not insured, even the most experienced drivers while driving. It is well aware of hire companies, so in the contract spells out rules for using the machine and procedures in case of emergencies.

So « Megarent » prerequisite is the strict observance of traffic rules and a notice of the lessor about the accident within 2 hours. Therefore, read all the items of the contract & ndash; there certainly spelled out all the information about auto insurance and behavior in the accident. And forewarned – is forearmed, do not you?

How to behave when a traffic accident has already happened?

First of all – calm not to panic. Yes, accident – it is always unpleasant, and all the participants of the situation are inflated to the limit. But superfluous emotions and nerves, not only will not help you in this situation, but rather, will only aggravate the situation. So breathe deeply, get yourself together and:

  • turn the warning triangle and mark the place of the traffic accident triangles;
  • immediately declare to the appropriate service of an accident (by number Police 102 (mobile phone - for free);
  • contact with the representatives of the supplier of the car rental services;
  • Make sure that you have with you all the necessary personal and car documents.

    Arriving at the scene of the accident the staff of traffic police officers make up the protocol and accident scheme. Be sure to check that the circumstances of the accident and all the details have been recorded correctly, and in the papers there was no factual errors. And do not forget the most secure contact details of witnesses or the co-driver as well as an offense to photograph a protocol with a fixed scheme of what happened all further actions – care insurers.

    Who will indemnify?

    Q « Who will pay for all »? also a lot of care in the event of an accident in a rented car. All rented cars are insured by type of « damage », so the loss reimburse the insurance company (except for the deductible amount that the insurance company when the insured event, no refunds (the so-called “ The deposit for the car ”). However, if the insurance does not cover damage or you are not made aware of employees when an accident occurs - pay extra out of pocket and compensate for losses from the vehicle downtime due to repair will still have to. If the accident was caused by another party to the accident and it is recorded in the documents, material losses will not get any.

    As you can see, things are not so bad. And knowing their rights and respecting the management rules leased vehicle, you can avoid the negative effects and material losses.

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