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Car rental in Kyiv

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Car rental in Kiev with a full tank

Megarent organizes rental cars in Kyiv for you quickly, efficiently and cheaply. It is much easier to use for trips around the city and beyond, than use the services of public transport or taxis. You manage your time, order to rent our machines. Our comfortable car - it is your personal freedom, the ability to solve more tasks, all to be on time

Options rental car in Kyiv

  • We offer various options for car rental. Available as a short term and long term car rental. Among our main services is to provide:

    •             car rental without a driver You can choose a car from economy to premium class.
    •             rental cars with driver- professional driver to quickly take you anywhere in the city with maximum comfort.
    •             rental minivans the possibility to organize a transfer to any hotel or countryside base, a group of people travel around the city, as well as a small tour of the neighborhoods Kyiv.

    Сar rental may be of interest to those who sent in the train business, going on a journey, was invited to a wedding or prom. Any of the proposed car rental options can be ordered at any time convenient for you, using the details in the section "Contacts". Working with our company, you will find that renting a car - it is convenient and very easy.

    Rent a car of any class and modification

    We offer rental cars in every class - from the economy, premium or business . If you wish, we can take the long-term lease comfortable minivan or SUV powerful. The fleet of the company is a large number of vehicles of all classes, so that with the choice you definitely will not be problems. Available car rental in Kyiv as an automatic gearbox, and on mechanics. You can get a machine in our office, and anywhere in Kyiv and Borispol. The latter option is very convenient because you can quickly get to the capital and will be able to have a day of arrival to hold responsible meeting or catch the important events. Cooperation with Megarent car rental has a number of advantages:

    •             the car you will be given on the same day in the office of our company
    •             all of our car fleet is fully serviceable and insurance
    •             registration without delay
    •             to sign the agreement, you will need a passport, drivers license and TIN (for residents of Ukraine)
    •             a long-term lease implies reduction of daily payment, that is, it makes it possible to save on transportation costs.

    There are special deals on car rental in Kyiv and bonuses for regular customers. The client chooses the rental payment system of the machine, which it is convenient, including non-cash or plastic card. A customer who asked the Megarent receive rental vehicle is fully equipped with everything necessary, in accordance with the season. When ordering a car with a driver we guarantee complete confidentiality regarding the route, held meetings and telephone conversations. Rent a car opens up new horizons, to which you will easily reach in a comfortable car from our company.

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